my world

My world is big and small at the same time. A lot of wonderful people, places and happenings fit into it, as also heartache, sorrow and obstacles to take.. Learning and growing.  It would need more a lot more paper than 1 A4 to draw my world. This is my essential  inner world though, the one I love.




The joy of jumping in puddles!



​How to survive (Finnish) winter:

-hugs from your loved ones


-some more chocolate

-hot tea

-bright light

-warm blanket

-woolly socks

-close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere else

One flying Dutch

After so many people asking me about a website and convincing me I should start a blog, I thought now would be a good time to start. Because once creativity starts flowing and one listens to the creative calling, there’s no turning back. It flows and flows. But creativity is there to share. To make the world a happier place. To put a smile on people’s face. So hope you all will enjoy!

I’m kind of a creative “centipede”, so my post will vary from illustration to paperart to foodart or whatever I happen to put my focus on.

To start with a drawing. “Teen angst”